Blobsos 2014-08-30 17-42-07-58 Blobsos screenshot Blobsos screenshot Blobsos 2014-08-30 17-43-02-34 blobsos_screen4

Blobsos 2014-08-30 17-43-55-98 Blobsos 2014-08-30 17-43-19-93  Blobsos 2014-08-30 17-42-21-14 Blobsos 2014-08-30 17-43-37-44

Blobsos Gameplay Video

Blobos is a story about Blobs, who are on a mission to get their ladies back. Bubble away and save the day!

Key features:

  • 50+ levels
  • 5 different worlds to conquer
  • Simple game mechanics, fun for everyone
  • Two player cooperative gameplay
    • Singleplayer campaing is playble also in coop-mode
    • Plus special levels just for coop fun, in these ones you really must work together’

Try it out:

Demo for Windows: Dowload Installer (~20MB)
Demo for Linux: Dowload Archive (~20MB)



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